Favorite Larry analyses that I have bookmarked (in no order)

  1. Elounor photo analysis #1
  2. Elounor photo analysis #2
  3. Elounor photo analysis #3
  4. Blind Gossip relationship split article 
  5. All analyses done by 1direction23flick (one of my favorite masterposts)
  6. Weird Eleanor stuff
  7. Larry rants masterpost by justforlarry
  8. Tour love bites 
  9. Random evidence
  10. Just a blog full of Larry by tracedust (you’ll have to go hunting around)
  11. Another one of my favorite masterposts done by suckedintoalarryvortexhelpme
  12. Management screwing up #1
  13. Why they can’t come out just yet
  14. Management screwing up #2
  15. #3 of my favorite masterposts done by unsurrenderedstyles
  16. #4 on my list over BRILLIANT masterposts done by hazzalovesboo
  17. Another great Larry blog by gloobear (again, go hunting around to see it all)
  18. A flippin huge (and amazing) masterpost by friendly-larry-reminders
  19. Guess what- another brilliant masterpost by larryanalysis
  20. Larry blog #9765456789 by reasonswhylarrystylinsonisreal (go hunting for all the posts)
  21. A few analyses by curlsagram
  22. An email to modest
  23. Another of my favorites by froso (go searching for all analyses, rants, etc.)
  24. VMA’s 2012
  25. Larry flat/apartment 
  26. Another fabulous larry blog full of the good stuff by youonlylarryonce

Videos & Articles:

  1. Daily Dot
  2. Ben Harvey (god bless him)
  3. Ben Harvey #2
  4. Larry Stylinson Won’t Stop ‘Til We Surrender

****none of these are mine, just posting links to my favorite/bookmarked ones. i know there are many more out there, but thank you to everyone who works hard on these****

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